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Peer Review

conceptcsi does peer review of consultant design packages across all design and construction disciplines. Using this whole-design approach to the peer review facilitates the discovery of synergies and savings. The peer review process is also used to identify and neutralize risks and issues such as single points of failure, design deficiencies, critical path obstruction and determining mean time between failures. conceptcsi also uses the peer review to examine building options as a cost/benefit model.

Feasibility Studies

conceptcsi delivers full project feasibility reports for construction projects. Our feasibility reports model the full scope and range of options for a construction project. These studies include:

  • Site selection analysis
  • Market condition report
  • Scope/budget analysis
  • Project timeline and schedule
  • Risk analysis
  • Existing structure survey

Virtual Design & Construction Group

Using Building Information Modeling (BIM) methods for clash detection, spatial orientation and operational optimization, conceptcsi incorporates state-of-the-art-three-dimensional drawing and imaging software to manage and coordinate all aspects of the construction process. Our VDC group is committed to pushing the boundaries of best-practice construction and continually seeks to find new and innovative tools and solutions that help our clients avoid costly field adjustments, facilitate “just in time” supply chain management, and reduce the costs associated with storage and warehousing.

  • Fit out and refurbishment
  • Refurbishment in occupation
  • Office churn and reconfiguration
  • Space planning

Our response to these opportunities is to establish a dedicated specialist team to manage technology driven refurbishments, infrastructure upgrades and complete office or building fit outs.