CyrusOne – Phase III Expansion

conceptcsi Successfully Meets CyrusOne Expansion Challenge

San Antonio, TX – The CyrusOne Phase III project is an example of the type of project that conceptcsi excels in executing. Our client was challenged by a prospective client to beat an industry leading delivery time for a data hall expansion in the company’s existing, operation facility in San Antonio, TX. As a result, they engaged a team that included Corgan, Robert Director Group, Critical Project Services and conceptcsi.

Construction commenced on June 10, 2013 and the project was substantially complete by August 30, 2013. Permitting, construction and commissioning was completed by conceptcsi in twelve (12) weeks – all while managing the site access and security process with facility personnel; coordinating building permitting and inspection requirements and most importantly, maintaining a safe, continuous operation for the existing tenants.

The project started with the selective demolition of the existing building structures, including foundation systems, concrete slab, structure and envelope to allow for the proposed data center expansion. As the demolition ensued, conceptcsi was careful to limit the noise, vibration and dust to the operating data halls adjacent to the ongoing construction.

conceptcsi’s technical improvements for this project included the installation of four (x4) new independent electric rooms; each supplied by 2.5 MW of utility power and a 2.25 MW diesel generator. Each room contained two 750 KW Mitsubishi uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) feeding six (x6) primary and six (x6) secondary source 400 KW power distribution units (PDUs) for connection of customers servers. Each PDU was equipped with a static transfer switch (STS). The installation also included four (4) new 500-ton Trane chillers and thirty two (32) new computer room air handlers (CRAHs) automated by CBass Software.

A mezzanine and concrete floor were removed for the installation of electrical and mechanical systems and then reinstalled. Equipment was installed and walls were completed around the equipment to allow sufficient time for the MEP trades, working 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, to achieve the critical commissioning deadlines.

Modifications were made to 8,000 sf of existing data hall space and 6,500 sf of new data hall for the additional servers was installed. Concurrently, a new data hall, with supporting chilled water and CRAH units, was constructed with 42″ raised access flooring and an overhead grid support system.

Exterior work included construction of a 4 x transformer yard with concrete pads and walkways, a 4 x generator yard with concrete pads, walkways and metal catwalks, a containment pit and house generator.

The project is just one example of conceptcsi’s ability to take the phone call, mobilize in days, coordinate the team located in multiple locations of the country and beat the deadlines allowing our clients to honor their commitments.