Close friends and long-time business partners Sean Mulleady and Tom Moroney recently celebrated 21 years in business. Their journey and incredible success story began just a short time after arriving in the United States as young men, having emigrated from Ireland.

The two met and worked together on many high profile construction projects throughout NYC. Quick studies, each learned every aspect of the business and promptly rose through the ranks. The deep and varied experiences gained working closely with subcontractors, general contractors, architects, engineers and clients alike was instrumental in shaping their vision of who and what they wanted to be.

In 1995 Sean and Tom founded their first business, a full service commercial drywall and carpentry company based in Manhattan. In challenging times, the company not only survived those early years, but thrived and established itself as one of New York City’s most distinguished firms, sought out by the most discerning builders and owners.

Building on that success and with the encouragement of a strategic client, in 2005 they founded conceptcsi as an exclusive, construction management and general contracting firm, specializing in data centers, complex design driven commercial interiors and critical infrastructure projects. Today the company is renowned for their relationship focus and delivering technically difficult, logistically challenging and time sensitive projects across a range of industry sectors. With offices in New York, Dallas and London the executive team is committed to supporting and growing with their customers anywhere across the United States and beyond.

The most important aspect of our business is the relationship we enjoy with our customer.
Sean Mulleady, CEO of conceptcsi credits their longevity and success to “… being true to who we are, just two hard working guys with a shared vision and lots of integrity. It’s a word that is much overused but in business as in life, being honorable and reliable are essential qualities for success, time after time it’s what sets us apart. We’re both very proud and passionate about what we do and how we do it. We hold ourselves and one another to a higher standard and we expect the same of our people. Of course we always try to make it fun but most of all, we have a sincere appreciation and respect for our clients and the role we play in their business.”

Tom Moroney, President of conceptcsi adds “ For us, it’s all about relationships and trust. Sean and I trust each other implicitly and we recognize how imperative it is to earn the respect and trust of our customers and we never take it or them for granted. We are relationship people and we run our business the same way. We have a mantra: “the most important aspect of our business is the relationship we enjoy with our customer.” Every new hire to our company, at any level, must embrace and share that core philosophy…”