We’re focused on innovative client solutions that are cost effective over the life cycle of the asset and deliver on key business drivers.
Our experience tells us that the traditional “bid-design, bid-build” approach to construction can be slow, fragmented and costly, resulting in an inefficient path from project inception to project completion. Under this model, the owner, having committed to a project must then assemble a select group to design and build it. In what is an arduous and time consuming task, the owner will solicit, interview, negotiate and engage multiple entities across an array of disciplines, in an attempt to form a cohesive and effective team.

The problem:   Because each entity within the group has its own priorities, it often becomes the setting for a power struggle, with different components jockeying for position and control.

The Result:   A disjointed project team with goals not always in lock-step with those of the owner, where budget and schedule tend to be the first casualties.

conceptcsi’s prevailing obligation, is always to our client. We successfully deliver on clearly mandated goals, one project at a time.

I-TEEM™ The conceptcsi Way

Integrated Team Early Engagement Model (I-TEEM)™ is a simple concept applied with vigor. It convenes all key participants at the conceptual phase of the project, when the potential for proactively controlling cost, quality, constructability and schedule is highest. Compared to conventional linear processes, I-TEEM™, adds real value, mitigates risk and drives a single focus with shared goals and objectives.

Through I-TEEM™, conceptcsi provides an essential break from traditional methods, adopting a holistic, creative and solution-based approach to each project and its specific, often unique set of challenges.

Time-To-Market and Return-On-Investment are key drivers for many of our customers, especially those who live in the real estate and mission critical worlds. We understand this implicitly and are proud to state that in over 11 years of delivering top tier data centers throughout the United States and beyond, we have never missed an IST date. Aside from an expedited delivery, one of our foremost objectives is to help reduce our client’s Total-Cost-of-Ownership, with a hard focus on Capex costs. With that goal in mind, we devote the time and resources to develop a thorough understanding of your business model as well as the demands, goals and expectations that drive it. Once we fully comprehend what you need, we can get to work!

As a strategic construction partner, conceptcsi’s prevailing obligation is always to our client. We successfully deliver on clearly mandated goals, one project at a time. Whether we’re building your world class data center facility, state-of-the-art corporate offices or critical infrastructure project, our commitment to you is the same. It will be built to budget, delivered on time, without surprises and you never know, you just may enjoy the experience!

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